About Our Company

Ottagan Plumbing has worked as a contractor in all aspects of plumbing i.e., residential service and repair, remodels, new construction, as well as commercial plumbing. 


As the world is consistently changing; it is our goal to keep on top of the industry. We are constantly researching and purchasing new equipment for our industry. We specialize in existing repairs, preventative maintenance, camera inspections and of course, tank-less water heaters. We are able to repair and maintain any existing plumbing system as well as to re-design any existing system to higher efficiency and cost-effective result. It is our goal to improve any system we work on. We’re glad to help anytime, 24 hours a day.

About Our Company

We cater to our unique customer and client requests by providing services and products that set high standards for quality, reliability, durability and value.  We strive to be the best in every aspect of our business by fostering a culture of trust, responsibility, and open communication with our customers.

About Us

Our Services

Got a drippy faucet?  A water heater that keeps giving you cold showers?  Or are you knee-high with water in your basement?  We can handle that!  Day or night we are here for you!  To learn more about what we can do to help, select a service below.

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Drain Cleaning

Our Vision

We strive to troubleshoot, maintain/repair and complete service requests the same day or in the most optimal number of visits, while maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

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What We Do

Water Heaters

At Ottagan Plumbing, we consider no hot water to be an emergency! We work on gas, electric, tank-less and high-efficiency water heaters.

Water Treatment

Water quality is a huge concern in today’s world. Ottagan Plumbing can evaluate your home’s water and provide options to take based on your needs.

Fixture Repair and Replacement

From kitchen faucets, gas ranges, shower valves or leaky toilets, Ottagan Plumbing can handle all your fixture needs. Whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, your plumbing fixtures will be serviced in a clean, efficient manner.

Video Inspection/Line Tracing

Sometimes you just need to see what’s going on inside your plumbing system. Ottagan Plumbing has video inspection equipment to check out what’s going on behind the scenes.


Midwest winters can be brutal!  If it is cold and you suddenly have no water to a fixture, your line may be frozen. Time is of the essence. Ottagan Plumbing can thaw the line, make the needed repairs and help provide options to keep it from freezing in the future.

Backflow Testing and Repair

We install, test, service, and repair all makes and sizes of residential and commercial backflow devices.  Ottagan Plumbing will file the test results with your municipality making the testing process and paperwork easier for you.

Garbage Disposals

We are here for clogs or replacements.

Water and Sewer Line Repair

A commercial building with a water or sewer line break can bring business to a halt for all the tenants. We understand the cost of this downtime and will respond as quickly as possible for all commercial water and sewer line breaks.
Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Ottagan Plumbing services all types of drains, from a single drain to an entire house, we have the equipment and knowledge to keep your drains flowing smoothly. Whether you have an emergency clog or need preventative maintenance, we can handle that!

Sump Pumps

Ottagan Plumbing uses American made Liberty Pump Systems. If your sump pump is not functioning properly, we can help.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There are certain things in life that deserve a second look. One of those is your home. You have invested yourself into its upkeep over the years, treating it like a family member, so when something goes wrong, fixing it is a big decision.

We believe in respecting your home the way you do, period. If you have recently had a plumbing incident and are not happy with the original estimate received, give us a call.